1. Looking for distributors
      Himin solar is looking for distributors in global market.
      We supply solar water heaters, solar power stations, solar lamps for household, commercial and industrial application.
      We are looking for franchisers, who will be authorized as distributors or project contractors in your area.

      Please contact
      Mr. Jesse Ma
      info@himin.com WhatsApp: 008613365345435
      Wecat: 008613365345435

    1. Solar Heating All hospitals,schools, factories, gyms, hostels, hotels, and public buildigns can be powered by the solar hot water system. The green solar water heating can help reduce the carbon emission and protect our blue of our children.
    1. Solar Module Himin high efficiency PV modules incorporate a complete range of 210mm, 182mm and 166mm options to meet the needs of different application.
    1. Solar PV Our solar street lights use high-power LED as light sources with the conversion efficiency up to 90%, while only 20% of ordinary light can be converted into visible light.
    1. Solar BBQ Himin innovative DIY solar BBQ products can cook food under the sun with only 20 minutes to cook a wonderful meal. It is safe, portable, versatile and attractive.

Himin Solar Energy, China

Himin Solar Co.,Ltd addresses the global concerns of rising energy costs and environmental protection through our developments in the use of solar energy. With our more than 22 years of experience in solar heating systems and solar power, Himin Group's products range from solar water heaters, solar collectors, solar panels, and split solar water heating systems, to solar lights and PV lighting products, to name a few.

An interesting fact to consider is that thermal energy consumption has accounted for 53% of total industrial energy consumption.