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    1. Solar Street Light Designed with non-contact control technology, the solar street light is provided with antibacklash and anti-reverse functions. It truly solves the lighting problem in urban main roads and it is more suitable for use in existing road lighting renovation projects.
    1. Solar Garden Light Our solar garden light has elegant appearance with colorful and diverse light design. It can decorate the city, garden, community, park, square and tourist attractions.
    1. Solar Traffic Light The solar traffic light is mainly used at the intersection in urban transport system, helping achieve both energy conservation and easy traffic management.
    1. Solar Lawn Light Our solar lawn light uses energy-saving lamp or LED as the light source. It can realize circular color changing, which is dynamic and vivifying.
    1. Solar Landscape Light Our solar landscape light shows a strong sense of innovation and visual impact. It integrates culture elements of classic dance and national costume of China's Dai nationality, Tibetan nationality and other national minorities.
    1. Landmark Solar Sculpture The landmark solar sculpture is closely related to local culture and it integrates modern clean energy technology. It's the landmark for clean energy city.
    1. Classical Solar Sculpture Our classical solar sculpture includes two series: and classicality sharing series and fable series. Connecting ancient time with modern time, it is a symbolic reproduction of the inclusiveness of man and nature.
    1. Solar Powered Pavilion The solar powered pavilion integrates landscape art, lighting, and rest together. The combination of BIPV and lighting not only ensures the functionality but also reflects culture value and nature ecology.
    1. Green Field Solar Sculpture The green field solar sculpture features personalized sculpture design, delicate shape and fantastic art ensemble.
    1. Solar Deck Light Our solar deck light has small and exquisite appearance. Equipped with colorful light sources, the lamp can create a certain pattern, so it not only serves for lighting but also plays a decorative role.

Our solar light has the following eight major advantages.

1. Green and Environmental Protection
Green power supply and green light source

2. Energy Saving and High Efficiency
With solar modules, our solar light can convert solar energy into electricity without any additional energy supply, and the operational process is cost-effective without any emissions or pollution.

3. High Quality
Advanced production and testing equipment as well as quality raw materials ensure the high reliability and stability of our products' performance. So clients can feel secure in purchasing our solar powered lamps.

4. High Brightness
The lighting supply adopts solar modules with high conversion rate. With the best lighting angle design, the lighting supply can provide adequate power to high efficiency lights, realizing the best lighting effect.

5. Long Lifespan
Our battery components have a lifespan up to 25 years, so clients can obtain long-term benefits with one investment.

6. High Intelligence
Our light switches can be controlled automatically, so unattended operation is achieved. Solar lights for secondary truck can reduce their output power in order to save energy in the night when there are few pedestrians.

7. High Security
Our lamps are low-voltage products, whose voltage is only 12V or 24V. So there is no risk of electric shock and no harm to the body. The light comes with high strength connection between the lamp body and the wind resistant level is 12.

8. Convenience
Our product is easy to install, without trenching wiring, and it can be installed according to the actual terrain. It can eliminate dead lighting angles.

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