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Introduction of Domestic Mini Water Pressure Booster
-Small body with powerful and complete function.
The body of the mini water pressure booster is fine with 132mm length and 59mm diameter. It increases water outlet pressure intelligently.

-Made of stainless steel, anti-rust, nice appearance.
Using stainless steel shell, it is not only water proof and durable, but also beautiful and noble.

-The most sensitive Hall sensor element is used to react water flow. The pulse signal is firstly transferred to chip, the chip will then conduct it and activate the power, realizing automatic start-up finally.
Same function, different experience.

-Leading DC converter technology.
Low noise. Hot water will be boosted gradually and stably in 1 minute, ensuring comfortable bathing experience.

Features of Mini Water Pressure Booster
-Big water flow: The booster pump increases the pressure of the mixed water up to 1.1bar, providing spa feeling.
-Acute mixing: The cold water and hot water have the same head pressure by booster pump. It is easy to get the exact mixing water.
-Safe voltage: The booster pump is powered by DC 24V electricity. It is safe for human bodies.
-Auto on/off: The pump on/off is controlled by the water flow when its power is on. Open the tap water, pump will work. Otherwise, it stops.
-Easy installation: The simple installation can be done by anyone to save time and money.
-Independent pump: The booster pump can match with any water heater. It has big market potential.
-High temperature resistance: Its working is less than 40Db with 10 years lifetime.
-Any direction: The water pressure booster can be installed upwards/downwards.

Technical Data Sheet 
Model HM50-2015
Environment temperature ordinary temperature
Medium temperature ≤100 ℃
Power AC110v-240v(50Hz)
Rated voltaic DC24V
Rated power 55W
Water outflow pressure 0.15Mpa
Water outflow voltage 20L/min
Waterproof rating IP68

Equipped Accessories for Booster Pump
1.Power adapter
Humanized design, convert voltage to the safe level below 36V.
2.Longer power line
4m power line, long enough for you to choose the installation site.
3.Filter net
High quality white silica filter net. It can filter the foreign matters to ensure clean water.

Installation Guide

To ensure the pressure, please open the mixing valve completely.
When opening the mixing valve, please adjust the tap from cold water to hot water to avoid scald. 

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