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Integrated Solution for Schools (Chinese Sun Valley--- Self-Reliant, Self-Sufficient and Self-Electrified University)

With the increasing scale, many schools demand more and more resources, like water and electricity. They gradually realize that energy conservation and consumption reduction is conducive to reducing school running cost and improving school effectiveness. A green campus is supposed to focus on resource saving and environment protection. Moreover, teachers should help students to know the importance of sustainable development.  


Customer demand Solution Core product
Less electricity costs Energy Conversation of School
Our demonstration project of 2.0MW building-integrated photovoltaics in an educational base has the total power of 2,011,400W. The buildings contain 10057 solar modules and cover an area of 22.3 thousand square meters. The project provides the school with 2.32 million kWh annually that equals to the energy generated by 835.2 tons of standard coal. Moreover, it cuts down the emission of 171.5 tons of carbon dioxide, 20 tons of sulfur dioxide, 5.8 tons of nitrous oxides and 8.4 tons of dust, and make a great contribution to energy conservation and emission reduction.
Solar power plant (combined with buildings), power over LAN
Energy conversation Energy-saving Lighting at Campus
The illumination of the school entirely depends on clean solar energy. These environment-friendly solar lights automatically generate electricity by means of solar power around the clock. They may adapt to various environments without complex cable lying, and support any layout adjustment, which makes them become a landscape at the campus.
Solar street light, wind solar hybrid street light, Solar garden light, solar landscape light, solar wall lamp, solar lawn light
Low investment at illuminating campus stadium Saving Energy and Lighting at School Stadium
The solar high-pole lamps are mainly applied in the stadium. As giant solar landscape lamps, they can illuminate and decorate the surroundings, and greatly save energy. The appearance is open to customization in accordance with your requirements.
Solar high-pole lamp
Brightening campus landscape and fostering an eco-friendly campus culture Energy Efficiency of Campus Landscape
The campus landscape is an important part of school culture. In the daytime, solar sculptures beautify the campus. Then they illuminate at night, which perfectly displays the luminal art, statuary art and high-tech control method.
Solar sculpture on a humanistic theme, solar landscape light, solar floating light, solar-powered (music) fountain, solar deck light
Energy-saving campus facilities
Energy-saving Facilities of Campus
The communal facilities make use of solar energy that is clean and pollution-free. They convert solar energy into electric energy in the daytime, so as to supply electricity for all the loads in the evening.
Solar wayfinding system, photovoltaic (video) monitoring system, solar-powered building number, solar-powered public toilet, solar-powered bulletin board, solar powered pavilion, solar-powered landscape bench, solar-powered parking lot, solar-powered recharging station
Emergency lighting at campus to eliminate any potential safety hazard, and protect teachers and students Energy-saving Illumination of School Buildings
The classrooms and dormitories are equipped with the solar power system which is easy to install and operate. It relieves you of the worry of power failure and runs safely and reliably. The lump-sum investment enables you to freely apply it for a long time. With the help of this system, you can save energy, realize low-carbon lighting and create a green campus.
Small and medium size stand-alone solar power system