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This solar cooker for three meals a day is designed for the rural area where the poor persons have very low income and use wood or trees to cook. They have to spend a lot of time to look for woods for fires. They are also influenced by the smoke from the open fires. Smoke is a major health hazard, responsible for 2 million deaths annually. This solar cooker can help with preventing those.

The solar cooker for three meals a day enables the cook to make 3 meals for a family in 1.5 hours. No firewood is needed and no smoke is generated.

Product Specs
Dimensions 108cm length,85cm width, 125cm height
Dry Weight 20Kg
Temperature (Empty) 200°C-270°C
Temperature (Cooking) 200°C-220°C
Food Volume 4.59L
Congee Volume 1.2L
Steaming Qty 8

No open fire, it is safer
No open fire, no smoke, no any potential safety hazard. Just put the food into the cooker, and take it out when it's done. No need to keep an eye on it during the cooking process.

No pollution, it is healthier
Food is sealed and cooked in the stainless steel tube inside, it is isolated from the outside environment. Food will not be exposed to smoke and harmful chemical emissions, which makes the food more natural and healthier

No nutrient destruction, it is more nutritious
The heat comes directly from the solar energy and indirectly contacted with the food. Thereby it avoids the loss of the nutrient component of the food caused by high temperature chemical reaction, which keeps the nutrient components fully.

No coal, it is more energy-saving
Use solar energy as a heat source when there is enough sunshine for thermal effects. No matter whether it is summer or winter, it cooks food. It is energy-saving, and there is no need to increase any extra cost, avoiding the ecological damage caused by firewood cooking.

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