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Introduction of ISCC

International Solar Cities Congress (ISCC) is an academic and professional congress launched by International Solar Cities Initiative (ISCI), a nongovernmental organization composed of cities developed in comprehensive solar applications. Dated from 1997, ISCI has about 200 members, its headquarters lies in New York City, America.
The congress is held every two years, involving solar science and technologies, education, culture, etc. and lasting for 3 to 5 days. To obtain the right of hosting the congress, the municipal governments should hand in applications in advance, including reports and introductions related to the city and so on. The organization will finally decide the host city of the congress that will be held in four years after discussion and assessments, which is very similar with the process of biding for Olympic Games.
The congress aims to improve energy efficiency policies, update new energy technologies and concepts by ideas exchanges and actively cooperating among the cities participated, further to realize sustainable development and positive climate changes. "Sustainable development" has been the guideline of public policies among international municipalities. Not only members of the congress, but other cities devoted to solar energy can participate in it. As the increase of its membership, the congress has already drawn more and more attention of the world.

ISCC has already successfully held 3 times before:
The first congress was held in Taegu, South Korea in Nov. 2004. Governmental delegations from 19 cities in the world and over 900 scholars, experts and professionals from enterprises participated in the congress and in which the Taegu Statement was issued to the public.
The second was in Oxford, Britain in April 2006. Nearly 100 mayors from all around the world attended the congress and then visited the solar international exhibition. Through Oxford Statement, the congress called for the application of renewable energy and sustainable development by more and more cities.
In Feb. 2008, the third congress was held in Adelaide, Australia. It drew attention of experts and scholars interested in renewable energy and urban constructions. The international solar cities, by means of this meeting, advocated adopting effective policies in urban areas to improve the environment.
The 4th ISCC will be held in Dezhou, East of China
The fourth ISCC, organized by Dezhou Municipal Government and sponsored by Himin Solar Co.,Ltd, will be held in Dezhou City, Shandong Province, China in 2010. It is the honor of Himin, of our Chinese people to contribute to the global renewable energy development. The great Himin Solar Valley, at that time, will welcome all of you warmly to attend the congress and to visit Himin, Dezhou City and China.